Hiranandani Evita Bangalore: The future address of your modern home

A house secures your future. The real estate asset is the ultimate insurance for your comfort and a promising future. Owning a home is the biggest credit a man achieves in his life. In fact, the real estate investment is considered to be the most profitable these days. To make this a perfect venture with minimum risks involved, you must choose a home from a branded and reputed developer. Bangalore is brimming with such developers and their elegant landmark developments. One such development is Hiranandani Evita. This particular project is creating a new platform where the modern home seekers will find the best homes with beautiful floor plans. Considering all the factors such as green environment, tower alignment, industry standards, etc, this project is the ideal one to choose and own a home in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Bannerghatta Road: The emerging location

A city’s success can be easily measured by monitoring the advent of new locations. Bangalore is one such city that offers excellent locations in the most promising zones. Bannerghatta Road is considered one of the ideal locations for the developers to create a new landmark residential project. This emerging location is close to the basic amenities a civilian needs. In fact, the strong development rate here is also very promising for the home buyers.

Bannerghatta Road is well connected with the rest of the city. It is easier for the residents here to connect with the business points. Moreover, there are international schools, multi specialty hospitals, big educational institutions, perfect platforms for retail ventures, commercial infrastructure, etc to access. A family can choose this location as its next home address without any worry. The constant development of this place will provide everything a family needs daily. The professionals will also find the shortest ways to reach their offices and save ample time.  Hiranandani Evita Bangalore has chosen the right location in this area so that the future residents can avail all the benefits they need right away.

Special attributes of Hiranandani Evita

Only a big brand can deliver the most suitable home plans to the seekers. A reputation is not developed overnight. It takes years of hard work and precise delivery of the projects to carry on the legacy. Hiranandani Evita will be the flag bearer of the developer’s legacy. This project will be the epitome of modern homes in the city.

The plan includes 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments for the families deciding to settle down in this city. The huge space acquired by this brand will be aptly tailored to create a modern living space full of greenery for the future dwellers. The area of the units will vary from 1272 square feet to 1814 square feet. Apart from the location, this project will have its own perks. The residents will also find unique international-grade amenities such as green pastures, manicured garden, clubhouse, swimming pools, etc. Everything a modern family needs will be included in the deal.

Hiranandani Evita Bangalore will be the prime choice for a modern lifestyle in Bangalore.

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